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Episode 36: Watershed Restoration Initiative

In this episode, Utah Department of Natural Resources Watershed Program Director Tyler Thompson and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Habitat Conservation Coordinator Daniel Eddington talk about some of the proactive land management taking place in Utah and the program that helps make it possible.


Episode 35: Why I'm a hunter

In this episode, DWR District Wildlife Biologists Xaela Walden and Sydney Lamb share their experiences with hunting: How they got into hunting, why they hunt, how hunting is used by wildlife agencies as a management tool and some common misconceptions about hunting. They also offer tips for someone who is interested in getting into hunting, including a few resources like Utah's Trial Hunting Program.


Episode 34: Investigating wildlife diseases

In this episode, DWR Veterinarian Ginger Stout talks about the different types of diseases currently impacting wildlife species in Utah. She also explains how the Division works to detect and monitor diseases and how management techniques can help to reduce those impacts.


Episode 33: Wildlife pilot

In this episode, DWR Chief Pilot Craig Hunt talks about his thrilling job, which includes soaring through the air to aerially stock fish at high-elevation lakes and how the work he does helps biologists manage wildlife around the state. He also shares some of the coolest experiences he's had while flying for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, so stay tuned for those stories at the end!


Episode 32: Checking bear dens

In this episode, DWR Northeastern Region Assistant Wildlife Manager Randall Thacker explains why biologists make the difficult trek out to snowy bear dens early each spring to check on hibernating black bears across the state. He also shares one of his own nerve-wracking experiences of being face to face with a bear.


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