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Episode 50: Geese, ducks and swans, oh my!

In this episode, DWR Migratory Bird and Falconry Programs Coordinator Jason Jones talks all things waterfowl in Utah: which species we have, when they migrate through the state, where to see them and how important the waterfowl management areas are in providing crucial habitat for these birds.


Episode 49: Wildlife photography

In this episode, DWR Videographer Phil Tuttle shares some tips for anyone wanting to get into wildlife photography, including places to see different wildlife species in Utah, gear recommendations and the best times of day to photograph. He also talks about some wild experiences he's had during his videography career.


Episode 48: Recovery programs

In this episode, DWR Recovery Programs Director Sarah Seegert and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Upper Colorado River Recovery Program Deputy Director Paul Badame talk about two unique and collaborative programs that are helping four fish species in the Colorado River and San Juan River basins.


Episode 47: Desert tortoises

In this episode, DWR Wildlife Biologist Ann McLuckie talks all about desert tortoises in Utah: where they can be found, fun facts about this unique species, factors that led to their decline in population and how people can help.


Episode 46: Gila monsters

In this episode, DWR Wildlife Biologist Ann McLuckie dives into fascinating facts about the elusive Gila monster. She talks about where these unique heavy-bodied lizards can be found in Utah and why it's so rare to see one.


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