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Learn to hunt: finding a mentor

Young hunter holding a harvested duck with a band around its leg Where do you start when you want to break through the actual or perceived barriers to becoming a safe, confident and successful hunter? Often, one of the biggest challenges for new hunters is finding someone to walk them through the process and pass on their field knowledge and skills. Fortunately, there are many resources available from the DWR and many local and national partner organizations.

Learn to hunt: shotguns

Female shooter with a shotgun at the Spanish Fork Gun Club outdoor shooting range Many beginner hunters start developing their skills in the field with upland game or waterfowl hunts, which have relatively long seasons in Utah and usually don't require expensive equipment to get started hunting effectively and safely. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to get started in the exciting and fun sport of shotgun shooting.

Utah Hunt Planner FAQ

Man sitting near Utah's red rocks, browsing the Utah Hunt Planner on his laptop We get a lot of questions from hunters asking for tips on which permits and units to apply for and how to find out more about their specific hunt units before they go into the field. Fortunately, the Utah Hunt Planner is a comprehensive tool that can help you prepare for hunts ranging from turkey, to waterfowl, to big game species all over the state.

Learn to hunt: archery

Woman with archery equipment and harvested buck deer Although you may not have an opportunity to hunt during the archery season this year, it's the perfect time to get started learning a new skill, and dedicate the time and energy it takes to become a proficient archery hunter.

Learn to fish: casting line and catching fish

Boy holding a fish caught at Gigliotti Pond Understanding a few basic techniques will help you be successful casting a line, figuring out if you have a fish on the hook, reeling it in and what to do once you've got a fish in your net.

Cutthroat trout Q&A: Answering your questions about cutthroat trout restoration in Utah

Angler holding a Bonneville cutthroat trout caught at Lost Creek Reservoir It's a complicated balance of fisheries science, public input and habitat conservation that we consider in order to provide both great angler opportunities and quality fisheries for generations to come. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about why we manage cutthroat trout in Utah and how we do it.

Learn to fish: lure and bait selection

Various multicolored soft fish baits in a box Why are there so many different types of flies, lures and bait? To help narrow down some choices that will help beginner anglers get started, we'll cover a few of the basics that usually work well for catching common Utah fish species.

Learn to fish: planning ahead for success

Man with a fishing pole, casting a line in a pond, under a cloudy sky with a rainbow There's no wrong way to plan for a fishing trip, but there are lots of good ways to get started. Some anglers collect the most basic information and then head out to explore. Others like to spend a significant amount of time researching their trip to determine the best location, prime species, popular lures, etc. Let's cover some basic tools to help you plan your fishing trip.

Ask a herpetologist

Small, light-colored zebra-tailed lizard perched on a rock With so many of Utah's reptiles and amphibians becoming active in the spring and summer, our native herpetology coordinator answers a few general questions about these animals, and shares some best practices for how to interact with them.

Why high water shouldn't mean low expectations

Angler in a small boat casting a fishing line into the water Variations in our snowpack lead to fluctuations in water levels in our reservoirs, lakes, rivers and streams, which in turn impact the quality of fishing. Here's a summary of how we anticipate water levels — both high and low — impact fishing in Utah in the coming months and beyond.
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