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Stocking sterile walleye

When we first shared news that we planned to stock sterile walleye into Red Fleet Reservoir, we got some confused looks. Most were wondering a couple things: 1) Why would you want to make walleye sterile? 2) How do you make walleye sterile? I’m hoping to help answer these questions in this post.

Round Trip Flights: Salt Lake City to Mazatlan

Pelicans are pretty easy to spot. They are large, weigh 10–20 pounds and have a wingspan of 8–10 feet. They are white with a long neck and a massive, orange bill. You can often see them by the hundreds either swimming, fishing or soaring. They can soar for what seems like forever, on long, broad white and black wings.

How to see a nocturnal migration

Many people enjoy birding activities during the fall migration period in Utah. Songbirds, hawks, waterbirds and waterfowl travel through the state, especially the areas near the Great Salt Lake and its wetlands.

The low-speed stampede

The day had finally arrived. After several years of listening to stories from co-workers who had made the trip, it was my turn to accompany the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program biologists on their annual trip to Gunnison Island for the pelican roundup. Biologists capture the flightless, young pelicans and outfit them with a leg band and wing markers to aid field identification of pelicans after they reach maturity and go their separate ways.

Top 5 reasons to hunt upland game in Utah

There's no need to persuade the thousands of Utahns who know the heart-stopping thrill of flushing game birds that it's time to start making upland game hunt plans. But if for some reason you do need a little convincing, let me share my list of top five reasons I love to hunt upland game in Utah.

Providing water for wildlife in a dry state

Living in one of the driest states in the nation has its challenges for Utah residents, wildlife included. For many years now, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) — along with other agencies and groups — have been developing water sources for wildlife across the Western states.

Kokanee: to release or to keep?

During the summer months, kokanee salmon are the "bread and butter" fishery on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Kokanee preference is as high as 60-percent and many anglers travel from all over the country to fish for these highly prized sportfish.

Building nurseries for big-eared bats

The Allen's big-eared bat is an uncommon bat found in the southern third of Utah. This pair of ears with a small bat behind it maneuvers its way through forests and riparian thickets, capturing insects from high in the mountains to deep in desert canyons.

Chasing owls in Utah's west desert

You know how everyone has a thing they're into? For example, my dad's thing: Coca-Cola. He has Coke ornaments, cups, sweaters, pens and even an old-fashioned Coke diner booth installed at his house. My coworker's thing is dolphins. My mom's thing is unicorns.
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