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Elk and mushroom cottage pie

Spoonful of freshly cooked elk and mushroom cottage pie in a pot I make extra mashed potatoes just so I have enough leftovers on hand to make this family favorite one-pot meal. A cottage pie can be made with beef, venison or in this case, ground elk.

Spicy teriyaki goose jerky

Hand holding a piece of spicy teriyaki goose jerky Wild goose is a dense, flavorful game meat, and it makes especially delicious jerky.

Pheasant piccata

Plate of pheasant piccata, with sauce and capers poured on top and garnished with fresh herbs Pheasant piccata is a quick-to-assemble dish that has bright, zingy flavors to balance the buttery sauce. Delicious served over pasta, roasted potatoes or wild rice.

Smoked trout

Several smoked trout on a grill Smoking meat over fire is one of the world's oldest food preservation methods, and smoked trout is a dependably delicious way to preserve and serve your catch. Especially when the whole family reels in their limits at your favorite fishery!

Stuffed, bacon-wrapped deer or elk tenderloin

Wrapped elk tenerloin on a plate DWR Depredation Specialist Shay Farnsworth shared one of his favorite recipes for tenderloin, which he prepares with either elk or deer. The combination of stuffing the loin with cream cheese — and wrapping it in bacon — adds layers of flavor to the roast and keeps it from drying out while roasting. It's also pretty tasty.
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