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Lee Kay Public Shooting Range, archery range

Limited availability:

Some venues may have limited availability. Please contact us at 801-972-1326 for more information.

Lee Kay Public Shooting Range rules

Archery range

Lee Kay Public Shooting Range, archery range
  • All archers must sign in and have their hand stamped at the main building or the Shotgun Center.
  • Archery ONLY! Crossbows and pneumatic devices firing arrows or bolts are allowed. No firearms or other equipment capable of shooting a projectile.
  • Choose a bay that is the correct distance you require. DO NOT stand or shoot beyond the ends of the berms at the front of the bay.
  • Because we have a limited number of long distance bays, please be conscious of other shooters and move to a shorter distance bay when you are finished at the longer distance bay.
  • DO NOT climb on the back or sides of the berms for any reason.
  • Please do not use broadheads or blunts on our target butts. You may bring your own targets if you wish to use broadheads or blunts.
  • Please take your targets off the target butts and place them in the trash. Help us keep the archery range clean.
  • The northwest bay is a community bay — sharing is expected. Communicate with all shooters and retrieve arrows down-range at the same time. The railroad ties are the firing line.
  • Archery is open until sunset on Thursdays. Check-in after 5:00 p.m. is at the Shotgun Center.
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