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Lee Kay Public Shooting Range rules

5-stand etiquette

To assist in preparing you for your visit, please familiarize yourself with our rules. Learn these few simple definitions and rules, and then you will be on your way to enjoying one of the venues at the range.

The following are common terms used while shooting at the 5-stand:

  • Squad — up to five shooters
  • Round — refers to 25 clay pigeons/shells
  • Bird or target — a clay pigeon
  • Pull — when you give a verbal command, such as "pull, heyah, yep" to call for the clay pigeon to be released
  • Stations — The positions at 5-stand where you will shoot from. There are five stations or stands.
  • Singles — you can load two shells and shoot at a single target
  • Report pairs — On the shooter's call, one bird is launched. When the shooter fires (and whether they hit or miss the target), the second target is launched. It is launched "on the report" from the first shot.
  • True pair — two clays are thrown at the exactly the same time

Types of targets on our 5-stand:

  • Stations 1 and 5 are quartering targets.
  • Stations 2 and 6 are skeet type targets (a high house and a low house).
  • Station 3 is a "teal" or a straight-up target.
  • Station 4 is an incomer.
  • Station 7 is a chandelle (flat) target.
  • Station 8 is a rabbit.

Additional rules:

  • All shooters and guests must check in at the shotgun office.
  • Safety is our number one priority on the range. The shotgun action must remain open and the gun must be unloaded until you are at the line ready to shoot. Acceptable, safe directions for your muzzle are straight up or downrange (north)., Break-action shotguns that are open may have the muzzle pointed toward the ground. Do not walk to the line or change posts with a loaded gun. You must wear eye and ear protection anytime you are on the range — the range is anywhere north of the sidewalk.
  • Shell/shot size allowed at Lee Kay: 7½, 8, or 9 with a maximum of 1,330 feet per second. (The smaller the number, the larger the shot size). Any other shot size will carry into the dog training area.
  • At 5-stand, you can load two shells in your gun.
  • Do not load until it is your turn to shoot. Your gun should be empty and open with your hands off your shells until you are standing still at the station.
  • When you are not at a shooting position, your gun needs to be visibly clear and unloaded.
  • All shooters must finish shooting before moving to the next station — stay in the cage. When changing stations, your gun needs to be unloaded, action open and pointed in a safe direction (see the first bullet point). Never point your gun to either side while moving. Walk around the other shooters to get to the next station. A full squad will fill all five stations. Rotation is from left to right. The person who starts on station 5 (far right) will rotate to station 1 (far left).
  • If you use a semi-automatic shotgun, invest in a shell catcher or a rubber band to prevent your empty shells from hitting the person next to you. If you use a pump-action shotgun, be gentle when ejecting your empty shells, so they don't hit the person next to you.
  • Most shooters will place their shells on the "arm" on the station and move the box with them as they rotate. You can also use a shell bag to hold your ammunition while you shoot.
  • Make sure you announce the house number for the targets you want to shoot and then call "pull" (e.g., #1 and #5, etc.).
  • Pick up your empty shells. There is a magnet on the stand for your convenience.
  • On busy days, be conscientious if other shooters are waiting for a turn to go out. Don't take a long time to get ready, don't take breaks or have only one person shoot at a time. Be prepared to start once you are assigned the field. Our busy days are usually Saturdays and Sundays. On these days, we may ask you to "squad up" with others — a great way to make new shooting friends.
  • There are sequences of target calls that are listed on the station posts. Shooting games such as "pick a piece," Annie Oakley, "buddy," or "knock-out" or other similar games are not allowed.

We are looking forward to helping you have a safe, fun, enjoyable experience when you come out to shoot with us. Please familiarize yourself with our rules and let us know if you have any questions.

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