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Lee Kay Public Shooting Range

Limited availability:

Some venues may have limited availability. Please contact us at 801-972-1326 for more information.

Lee Kay Public Shooting Range rules

25-/75-yard range

Please note:

No steel core or steel projectile ammunition (any ammunition where the projectile attracts a magnet) is allowed on any range.

  • Uncased firearms must be carried with the muzzle pointed up, action open and magazines removed.
  • Firearm muzzle must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • No prone shooting or drawing from a holster.
  • All visitors must check in with a range safety officer before entering the range (crossing the chain-link fence barrier). Eye and ear protection is required before you cross the chain link fence onto the range.
  • We will give a 3-minute warning before a cease fire is called. If you are ready to leave the range, use this time to properly case your firearm and take it to your vehicle. You must still retrieve your target frame and dispose of any used targets at the end of your shooting session. Be sure to put the target frame back in the holder before you leave.
  • Any time the buzzer sounds or a cease fire is called, leave your firearm on the bench with the muzzle pointed downrange, the action open and empty, and the magazine removed. You must be behind the black line and remain there until the range safety officer clears the range. You may not handle or move your firearm during any cease fire!
  • Do not cross the black line during a cease fire.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Accompanied means the youth and the adult must remain close enough for the adult to see and provide verbal assistance to the young shooter.
  • Shooters of any age who are not hitting the target, struggling with firearm handling or causing other safety concerns will be required to correct their actions before being allowed to continue to shoot.
  • Shooters must have secured a bench before posting of any targets.
  • Targets must be placed at eye level for your shooting position, whether you are sitting or standing — they cannot hang over on any edge, or be posted to the wood frame.
  • You may double tap, but there is no rapid fire shooting allowed.

25-yard range

Allowed: centerfire rifles and handguns, rimfire rifles and handguns, BB guns, air rifles, muzzleloaders (traditional and inline) and shotguns (with limitations)*.

*Limitations: Shotguns with slugs may use target frames. Shotguns or other firearms with pelleted ammunition may not use target frames.

75-yard range

Allowed: Centerfire rifles and handguns, rimfire rifles and handguns, BB guns, air rifles**, muzzleloaders (traditional and inline) and shotguns (with limitations)*.


  • *Shotguns with rifle sights and shooting slugs may use target frames. No pelleted ammunition is allowed.
  • **Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles only.
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