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Frequently asked questions

Q: I have more detailed questions about how to apply for ESMF grants, or I'm having problems entering my project in WRI. What do I do?

A: Contact the ESMF coordinator, Paul Thompson, with questions you may have about submitting a project or for help navigating the application process.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 801-791-4034
Q: Do I need to register for a new ESMF login for the WRI project database, or will my old login information be migrated from the old ESMF project portal?

A: If you have not entered a project into the WRI system previously, you will need to create a WRI user account in order to submit new projects for consideration.

Q: Why was the ESMF database discontinued in favor of using the WRI database?

A: There were several reasons, including:

  • More efficient fiscal project tracking.
  • More effective utilization of matching/partner funds through multiple funding sources.
  • Both databases had essentially the same parameters. (Fun fact: The old ESMF database was modeled after the WRI platform, so there were already many similarities between the two.)
Q: What prompted the ESMF's administrative shift from the Department of Natural Resources to the Division of Wildlife Resources?

A: The DWR is a division within the DNR, and for many years the ESMF has been coordinated by DNR staff. Administrative migration to the DWR eliminates some duplicative steps in the management of the ESMF and will further streamline the project grant oversight and funding process.

Q: Who determines which projects get funded?

A: Competitive projects are evaluated by an advisory committee to ensure they meet the funding intent and mission of the ESMF. See information about the ESMF Advisory Committee.

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